Tremblay Tames Teammate in Amsoil Dominator®

Tremblay Snocross Tames Teammate

Tremblay Snocross Tames Teammate

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The IHRA was formed as a direct competitor of the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). New ownership has implemented several philosophical changes that are generating great buzz and bringing the organization back to its roots. Newformats, including some that will have a lasting impact on the future of the popular Nitro Jam series, will help bring more competitive racing to fans this year. New ownership and management have taken the sport back to its founding days and, with the addition of nearly 20 tracks over the past few years, the IHRA is an exciting market for drag racing fans.

NitroJam events averaged nearly 20,000 fans last year, and the organization has rebuilt the grassroots-based Summit Sportsman series, offering purses and class structures that outshine the competition. As the Official Oil of the IHRA, we hope you put the organization on your list in 2014.

AMSOIL riders square off for $10,000 at season opener

Team AMSOIL/Scheuring Speed Sports rider Tim Tremblay opened the 2013-14 AMSOIL Championship Snocross (ACS) season with a convincing $10,000 AMSOIL DOMINATOR®win over teammate Robbie Malinoski.

The fan-friendly race included the top 16 snocross riders in the world squaring off head-to-head in a tournament format. To win, Tremblay had to survive four tough rounds of two-lap sprints, including a final battle against veteran teammate Malinoski.

"I'm really happy with this win," Tremblay said. "Winning the AMSOIL DOMINATOR against my teammate in the hometown of AMSOIL; it just doesn't get any better.

"It was tough to face Robbie in the final because you know the race is going to get crazy and you might hit each other at some point. We're in the same trailer, so obviously we wanted to be safe, but we both still went for it and it just happened to work out a little better for me this time."

For the riders, the event offers a unique start to the season.

"The DOMINATOR is such a crazy format," said Malinoski. "You don't have time to get tired, but your heart rate is right up there. Youjust go all-out every time because there's no reason to save energy for later in the race or anything like that. It's different and a lot of fun."

EveryAMSOIL Championship Snocrossevent will be aired liveon ACS action also airs on CBS Sports Network.

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