Director of Amsoil Dealer Sales Rob Stenberg

Amsoil Executives Alan and A.J. Amatuzio plus Dean Alexander

Amsoil Executives Alan and A.J. Amatuzio plus Dean AlexanderAmatuzio Alexander

Director of Amsoil Dealer Sales Rob Stenberg lately coordinated a sales training seminar for about 25 Amsoil workers that are in one manner or another involved in marketing and sales. He introduced in a nationally celebrated sales training professional who focuses on storytelling as a crucial element of the sales process. I'm not going to go into details on this, other than to state that the Amsoil narrative is tailormade for this strategy. You'll be learning more about this.

In preparation for the seminar, Rob had all attendees see a short movie featuring Simon Sinek. Sinek composed a book titled Start with why and comes from an advertising history. The movie is a summary of his novel.

Sinek contends that inspirational companies in the world and all great leaders act, believe and convey in exactly the same manner. It's the entire opposite to the majority of firms. In his words, it's possibly the world's simplest notion. It's based on why, how and what.

Amsoil Forty Years in the Making - "Beyond Conventional"

Amsoil Forty Years in the Making - "Beyond Conventional"

According to Sinek, every business is 100 percent certain of what they are doing. They make an item or give a service. Businesses also understand how they get it done. By why, he means, what's the firm's function, the trigger, the perception? why does the business exist and why should anybody care? Companies which contain the why within their advertising messages are the businesses individuals most strongly identify with.

An automobile business, for example, generally starts with what: "Here's our amazing new car." Wish to purchase one?" Again, like the majority of companies, they proceed to how and begin with what. They're missing the why.

But in fact, says Sinek, the most inspirational companies begin with why. Sinek uses Apple as an instance. We believe in thinking otherwise." Apple moves on to how: "We challenge the status quo by designing cuttingedge computers that are simple to use." Wish to purchase one?"

Sinek could have used as the case Amsoil. The Amsoil message comprises the why. It has from the start. Other oil makers wanted nothing to do with synthetic oil. We challenge it with our lengthy drain intervals. Other oil companies dragged their feet for close to 40 years before introducing expanded - drain oils and doing the best thing. We challenge it with our supply process. Synthetic motor oil was brought by the Amsoil Dealer network to market, with no one has more experience selling synthetic oil than our Dealers. We challenge it by developing products that exceed the minimal specifications. You have the point.

At Amsoil, we think differently than other businesses, and that describes the great brand loyalty we've developed. People identify with Amsoil. Individuals who conduct business with Amsoil believe what we believe. They realize that the value Amsoil brings consumers isn't sacrificed for gain.

That is another way of saying all this. While Simon Sinek identifies the world's most inspirational companies as the ones that challenge the status quo, we could just as readily define it as the ones that strive to be "Beyond Conventional."

A.J. “Al” Amatuzio
President and CEO, AMSOIL INC.