Manufacturer Installs Only AMSOIL Synthetic Grease in its ‘Rare Parts’

Rare Parts Suspension Rods

Each part manufactured by Rare Parts Inc. is sent out with an Amsoil decal.

Amsoil Synthetic Polymeric EP Grease

He recognized the suspension and steering components he desired were difficult to get along with the sector lacked a steering and suspension component maker that provided full protection. Components were becoming outdated. In 1981, Rare Parts were founded by Burgess.

Similar to the report of Amsoil Inc., an ever-expanding business created in the vision of its own creator A.J. Amatuzio, Rare Parts Inc. has prospered and developed with time. Danny Burgess, a mechanic who grew up within the company alongside his dad, is president of the firm, now.

A California manufacturer of steering and suspension parts installs Amsoil synthetic greases exclusively in its Diamond Series specialty parts.

Rare Parts makes present and dated parts for almost any use and is dedicated to supplying American made parts and designs. The firm provides full protection for virtually any car make, model or year.

"We provide merchandise in the late 1920s to present, and when all of us don't have it we'll develop it," Danny Burgess said. "We assemble our own stock and custom jobs in the classic street rod fanatic to custom fabricated agricultural harvester components."

Examples are bigger forgings for enhanced internal models, improved power, greaseable parts, better wear features, tighter machining tolerances, appropriate heat-treatment of ball studs and mating elements and other changes in crucial areas, based on Burgess.

The components are pre-greased with Amsoil Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Gear and Chassis Grease (GPTR).

"We just create high-quality steering and suspension components here in America and we needed to couple them with a well known high-quality grease which also is created in America," Burgess said. In addition, we run Amsoil products within our production equipment.

Reduced turning torque decreases steering effort and raises the life span of the parts."

Rare Parts Suspension Steering - Diamond Series

Rare Parts Suspension Steering
Diamond Series