Amsoil Monthly Sales Leaders

Amsoil Executives Dean Alexander, Alan and A.J. Amatuzio plus Dean Alexander

Amsoil Executives Alan and A.J. Amatuzio plus Dean AlexanderAmatuzio Alexander

I am certain you found that last month's problem of Amsoil Magazine featured a new layout for the Monthly Leaders part. The principal goal of the redesign was supposed to extend the scope and provide recognition for a larger range of Dealers. We also transferred our Hall of Fame Dealers to the Amsoil web site as a way to supply additional space to contain their biographies. Their stories are worth telling, and limiting their recognition to photos within the Magazine was selling them short. These are the folks who helped lay the foundation for your Amsoil income opportunity. They are the pioneers, and every Seller can gain inspiration from them.

What strikes me most significantly is the variety of their backgrounds and skills. As an Amsoil Dealer Achievement is not reserved for automotive mechanics or chemical engineers. Harold and Marcile Hartman, for example, had no such instruction. They were farming in Nebraska when they lost their crops to a hail storm. Harold then studied electronics and went to work with Boeing Aircraft at a salary of $77.50 weekly. In 1973 they became Amsoil Dealers and within only a couple of months were making more money with their part-time Amsoil company than Harold was making with his full-time career. Harold quickly left Boeing, and Marcile and he went all-in on building their Amsoil business. In The End, their income was considerable enough to spend annual three month holidays in Florida, send their kids and grandchildren to private schools and reach sustained success by investing a portion of their Amsoil income in real-estate.

Bill and Donna Durand had no experience in the automotive world and surely none in lubrication. Bill was an officer in the Air Force, and Donna's expertise was in advertising. But it didn't stop them. They recognized the potential in Amsoil and, through work and perseverance, developed an extremely successful Amsoil business.

Dave Lingwall had absolutely no experience in lubrication. He was raised in farming, but his uneasy entrepreneurial drive led him down many streets. After his dismissal in the Navy he began a sawmill, developed a landscape business and even raised chinchillas. Ultimately, he landed on Amsoil and never looked back. The company he assembled provided more protection than he ever dreamed possible.

Lee Hansen was a surveyor for the Air Force Academy, and wife Dorothy was a beautician. Lee retired at 51, and he and Dorothy devoted all their power to their own Amsoil business. Again, very successful. Shirley Green had no experience, but paved the way for all female Dealers in a market dominated by males. And she did it.

Times haven't changed. Sellers continue to demonstrate that the Amsoil income opportunity does not have any restrictions. Regardless of experience a Dealer can triumph. Anyone, in fact, equipped with determination can literally create the sort of liberty and fiscal security that very few professions offer.

And Sellers could be assured that this business will stand behind them every step of the means. Beyond our neverending mission to supply the absolute best products on earth, Amsoil will continue to support our Dealers in every way possible. We made a commitment to our Dealers in 1973, and we have not, and will never, waver from that commitment. This company was constructed on a Supplier foundation, plus it's on that basis we'll continue to develop.