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Amsoil GNCC Racing - ATV Motocross

Amsoil GNCC Racing
ATV Motocross

A large change came to the Amsoil Grand National CrossCountry Series (GNCC) in 2013 as Amsoil signed a three year offer to eventually become the title sponsor. The changes continue for parent business MX Sports using a significant shift in how the sports of ATV and motorcycle racing will probably be seen by the masses.

Historically, race promoters have secured time with major networks or cable stations to air race programming.

"From there, the idea morphed into building an on-line broadcast network that will serve as the go-to destination for all types of televised off road and motocross racing," said Carrie Russell, CFO of MX Sports. "We recently added a live streaming component, and we air both Pro ATV and Pro Bike races from every round of the Amsoil GNCC series."

RacerTV.com will help lead racing's digital revolution with three primary groups of content, including 13 half-hour GNCC broadcasts and 10 half-hour ATV MX broadcasts airing in exactly the same style introduced by NBC Sports Community; scheduling from other race series from all over the state (which may contain off-road truck and snowmobile racing, in addition to other ATV and motocross collection) and live streaming content from over 26 days of racing, including Amsoil GNCC. Utilizing new technologies, RacerTV.com has the capability to reach areas of the monitor that have been historically concealed because of the race course's astounding size.

"GNCC programs are enormous," said Amsoil Race Program Manager Jeremy Meyer. "The track is up to 12 miles long, through woods, rivers and fields. To operate a live camera team in these remote places is exceptionally hard, but MX Sports has found a means to show more of the action, that may help viewers understand the extreme vastness and difficulties these riders must confront."

To view the entire 2013 Amsoil GNCC and ATV MX race and broadcast schedules, see www.Amsoilracing.com. The ATV MX series will race May 11 in Rossville, Ind. and May 25 in Walnut, Ill.