Amsoil Continued Product Delevopment Increases Sales Opportunities for Amsoil Dealers

Amsoil Executives - Al + Alan Amatuzio and Dean Alexander

Al + Alan Amatuzio and Dean Alexander

We have another year behind us now and can look back at 2013 with a major sense of accomplishment. The highlight, of course, was the celebration of our 40 years as a multi-level-marketing company. It is hard to believe it has been that long since our very first AMSOIL Dealers came on board and began what would become a wonderful journey of opportunity and success. I cannot possibly express how gratifying it has been to witness the efforts of the countless Dealers who have realized their dreams through the AMSOIL business opportunity. It is equally gratifying to know that countless more will follow.

Our job now is to build on the many accomplishments we saw this past year. We can all look forward with optimism.

First, Dealers can be assured that our efforts in product development will continue to provide sales opportunities across the full spectrum of markets. This past year alone saw the introduction of several new products and the repackaging and repositioning of others. We expanded our Signature Series family to include Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid and Fuel Efficient Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid. These oils excel in demanding conditions, and we have heard from Dealers who are already finding great success in those markets where towing, severe-service and other high-heat applications are common.

The addition of OE Automatic Transmission Fluid opens doors of opportunity, as well. These products deliver the performance of advanced synthetic technology at a cost attractive to virtually all consumers. Like our OE Motor Oil, they are priced right for installers, and all Dealers should remain aggressive in expanding their penetration in this market.

Opportunities in the diesel market have also expanded with the reformulation of our Diesel Injector Clean and Diesel Injector Clean + Cold Flow. These products do an outstanding job of cleaning traditional injector deposits and now, with reformulations, the tough-to-remove deposits we are seeing in modern high-pressure common-rail diesel engines. Plus, the bold new packaging catches eyes from the retail shelf. Our aerosols were also repackaged with a clean, consistent look. AMSOIL Synthetic 2-Stroke Injector Oil was introduced, appealing to cost-conscious consumers, and our grease line was expanded to reach additional markets. I could go on. The point is, more opportunities in more markets mean more sales.

Dealers can be assured that our efforts in product development will continue to provide sales opportunities across the full spectrum of markets.

Dealers can also be assured we will remain firmly committed to reinvesting in the company. Significant investments were made this past year in a full range of projects. Most notable was our new mechanical lab. This facility features three 480-square foot dynamometer cells capable of housing a minimum of two dynos each. It is truly state-of-the-art and is rivaled only by facilities owned by major equipment manufacturers and additive companies. We now have the ability to conduct virtually all of our performance testing on-site, allowing quicker turn-around and more thorough test results. We can also modify test conditions to measure variables we were unable to measure at outside facilities. All of this will allow us to create marketing materials that Dealers can use to generate sales.

Substantial investment was also made in field testing. Our Las Vegas Taxi Cab Field Study reveals the results of a grueling 18-vehicle, 1.2-million-mile marathon test. It demonstrates conclusively that AMSOIL Signature Series Motor Oil and AMSOIL Signature Series Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid provide superior protection against sludge and wear for extended drain intervals in the most demanding operating conditions.

You can be sure, also, that AMSOIL will continue our investments in strengthening brand awareness. We will again have significant presence in both niche and mainstream publications, including Motor Trend, Car and Driver and Popular Mechanics. A full stable of racers will be wearing the AMSOIL colors, and we’ll gain considerable television exposure through the racing series we sponsor. Those people who attend the major motorcycle rallies will again see Amsoil as the official oil and our presence in social media will continue to gain momentum.

Bottom line, the company is doing all it can to support our Dealers’ efforts. It’s now up to Dealers to do all they can to cash in on the opportunities.

Alan Amatuzio
President and CEO, Amsoil Inc.