Why Dealers Can't Sell on Ebay, Amazon, Craig's List and more...

June 15, 2021
Amsoil Marketing Policy
Amsoil Marketing Policy

Dealer Marketing & Advertising Activities.

Ever wanted to know why you don't see Amsoil products legally listed on Ebay, Amazon.com, Walmart, Craig's List and any other auction, marketplace, classified sites?

It's do do Amsoil's strict marketing policy as described below:

Dealers may not sell, advertise or post prices of current or discontinued AMSOIL products, memorabilia or memberships online, including online auction sites (e.g. eBay), online marketplace sites (e.g. Amazon) or online classified sites (e.g. Craigslist).
Amsoil Marketing Policy

This is too keep dealers from undercutting each other and starting a price war. Amsoil believes in personal service so products may be purchased from their online store, direct from an Amsoil Dealer such as myself (John Cardell) and directly by phone. 1-800-777-7094 Central Time and please give operator referral number: 1254295

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