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Amsoil GNCC Racing - ATV Motocross

Amsoil GNCC Racing
ATV Motocross

A large change came to the Amsoil Grand National CrossCountry Series (GNCC) in 2013 as Amsoil signed a three year offer to eventually become the title sponsor. The changes continue for parent business MX Sports using a significant shift in how the sports of ATV and motorcycle racing will probably be seen by the masses.

Historically, race promoters have secured time with major networks or cable stations to air race programming.

"From there, the idea morphed into building an on-line broadcast network that will serve as the go-to destination for all types of televised off road and motocross racing," said Carrie Russell, CFO of MX Sports. "We recently added a live streaming component, and we air both Pro ATV and Pro Bike races from every round of the Amsoil GNCC series."

RacerTV.com will help lead racing's digital revolution with three primary groups of content, including 13 half-hour GNCC broadcasts and 10 half-hour ATV MX broadcasts airing in exactly the same style introduced by NBC Sports Community; scheduling from other race series from all over the state (which may contain off-road truck and snowmobile racing, in addition to other ATV and motocross collection) and live streaming content from over 26 days of racing, including Amsoil GNCC. Utilizing new technologies, RacerTV.com has the capability to reach areas of the monitor that have been historically concealed because of the race course's astounding size.

"GNCC programs are enormous," said Amsoil Race Program Manager Jeremy Meyer. "The track is up to 12 miles long, through woods, rivers and fields. To operate a live camera team in these remote places is exceptionally hard, but MX Sports has found a means to show more of the action, that may help viewers understand the extreme vastness and difficulties these riders must confront."

To view the entire 2013 Amsoil GNCC and ATV MX race and broadcast schedules, see www.Amsoilracing.com. The ATV MX series will race May 11 in Rossville, Ind. and May 25 in Walnut, Ill.

Amsoil Racing Team Updates its New Look

Amsoil Traxxas Redesign

Amsoil Traxxas Racing

Douglas and Lovell trucks fit design of the Amsoil Dealer Vehicle Graphics

The Traxxas TORC Series presented by Amsoil headed to new earth for its opening two rounds of racing in midApril, kicking off the 2013 season in Dodge City, Kan. with a showdown that set the tone for the upcoming season.

Amsoil Super Team racers Scott Douglas and Brad Lovell unveiled a new look in the front of the live SPEED television audience, with both racers revealing their newly designed race trucks that mimic the style of the Amsoil Dealer Automobile Graphics introduced in 2012. This goes for the entire Amsoil racing team.

"The Amsoil Dealer community is essential for the company's success from day-one," said Amsoil Race Program Manager Jeremy Meyer. "From the second the design team showed us the Dealer wrapping design, we knew it would look fantastic on a race truck."

Douglas, who spent the off-season building a fresh Pro 4x4 truck, and Lovell knew the style would definitely be a great fit for their teams.

"We set the design in the truck for the first time last fall," said Douglas. "I was impressed by how clean it looked. It really grabbed my eye, and I loved it. We have received a lot of compliments on the new truck, so I know we made a fantastic selection."

"Coming off the championship in Pro Lite, we didn't need to make too many drastic changes," said Dirt Sports Driver of the Year Lovell. "But immediately, you knew the truck would turn some heads on / off the monitor."

"This company was constructed in the backs of Amsoil Dealers," said Douglas. "We meet so a lot of them throughout the year, and we are so thankful for their loyalty to the business and help of our race team. To have the chance to showcase something that is so close to them means a lot to your team."

In while Lovell led both of his races early before a blown tire and an untimely spin held him off the podium, the season opener, Douglas put his new - look Amsoil Ford F - 150 onto success lane with a set of second place finishes.

The 2013 TORC season continues May 10-11 at the Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio.

2013 Traxxas TO RC Series presented by Amsoil Live TV Schedule
May 118PMLive on SpeedEldora
June 158PMLive on SpeedBark River
June 299PMLive on SpeedCrandon
July 209PMLive on SpeedChicago
August 108PMLive on SpeedRed Bud
September 282PMLive on NBCAntelope Valley

January-2013 - Traxxas TORC Series

USAC Jack Flannery Award

USAC Jack Flannery Award

Scott Douglas Wins the USAC Jack Flannery Award

Fan favorite joins short list of TORC drivers honored with the elite award

Consistency ruled supreme for Team Amsoil racer Scott Douglas on the Traxxas TORC Series presented by Amsoil this season, collection podium after podium on his run to second place overall in the Guru 4x4 course. Douglas' never say-die attempt helped him and his team beat not only the problems from the planet's highest shortcourse offroad racers, but also the very specialized and sometimes fickle engineering elements of a design transition year for the race plan. Because of his constant drive and commitment, Douglas was named the third recipient of the TORC Series' esteemed Jack Flannery award - given annually for the driver who best demonstrates the determination and perseverance features of late off-road icon Jack Flannery.

Amsoil TORC Racing Truck

Amsoil TORC Racing Truck

Where it's thrashing on a brand new truck for the 2013 season, the Douglas Motorsports team recently moved into a brand new race shop in Wisconsin. A lot of what they learned during their podium - filled 2012 effort has been included in the new truck, to which his long-standing relationship is credited by Douglas with Amsoil.

"We tried lots of new things throughout the 2012 season, including a brand new transmission and different suspension geometry, and managed to still pull together consistent results through the entire season," said Douglas. "I firmly believe that the Amsoil artificial lube helped us push the truck to degrees beyond which other companies' lube would neglect. Amsoil is not merely a really generous patron with Douglas Motorsports, it's a huge part of our r&D program along with a product we couldn't do without in consistently working to further our achievement on the course."

Monster Energy Supercross and Amsoil Arenacross Seasons Set to Kick Off

Team aM SOIL Supercross star Kevin Windham and top Lites riders Eli Tomac, Justin Bogle, Zach Osborne and Wil Hahn will be racing for a Monster Energy Supercross championship this winter, while Team Amsoil arenacross racer Tyler Bowers will be seeking to protect his Amsoil Arenacross championship. Amsoil is the Exclusive Official Oil of the title sponsor as well as Monster Energy Supercross and Exclusive Official Oil of Amsoil arenacross. Take a look at all of the actions on SPEED and CBS throughout the season. See www.Amsoilracing.com for the most recent program schedules.

Arenacross Supercross 2012 Racing Schedule

Arenacross Supercross 2012 Racing Schedule