Benefits of Amsoil 2-Stroke Motor Oils

Amsoil Regional Sales Manager Steve LePage

Amsoil Regional
Sales Manager
Steve LePage

AMSOIL has always delivered the highest performing products to consumers who demand quality and performance in the lubricants for their engines and here are some of the benefits of Amsoil 2-Stroke Motor Oils. AMSOIL Dealers should always look first to promote and sell the best performing and highest quality products for the appropriate markets. For those customers who demand the best in the automotive world AMSOIL offers Signature Series. The snowmobile market’s premier oil is Interceptor. The marine market’s top performer is HP Marine.

In 2010, AMSOIL made the choice to directly focus on a market that other oil companies were exploiting with their manufacturers’ recommended drain interval lubricants. OE was introduced to the automotive marketplace and gave AMSOIL Dealers a product that was positioned to gain additional sales. Priced competitively, OE allows AMSOIL Dealers to sell oil to those customers who are price sensitive and are not yet ready to move up to extended drains. OE has paved the way for Dealers to expand their customer base and make sales to customers they didn’t have access to, while opening up increased opportunities in the installer market. OE allowed consumers to move up to AMSOIL from the other petroleum and synthetic oils in the marketplace. Now AMSOIL is doing the same thing in the two-stroke market.

AMSOIL Synthetic 2-Stroke Injector Oil (AIO) is the product to capture the business of the casual/recreational boater and snowmobiler. It is also the product positioned perfectly for retailers that cater to these customers. AMSOIL AIO is competitively priced, has all-season multi-application recommendations, and has AMSOIL proven performance. AIO is the simple solution for the casual boaters and snowmobile riders. These customers do not need the maximum performance of Interceptor and are not willing to pay for the top performing products. They want a lower priced product that will ensure their equipment is protected, performs well and will last. They don’t want to buy separate products for their snowmobile and marine needs. They want the convenience of one product and a lower price.

The history and reputation of AMSOIL has always been to provide the best products available to consumers in the marketplace. Promote Interceptor, HP Marine, and Signature Series first to retailers and individual customers. Those customers who truly care about and want the best performance and protection for their equipment will choose the best products. And, just as in the automotive world you have the ability to increase your customer base by offering XL and/or OE products, you now have the same ability to increase your customer base, and your sales, by offering AIO to those customers who are not ready to move up to Interceptor or HP.

Make good use of this information to grow your AMSOIL business!

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Steve LePage
Regional Sales Manager