Dan Peterson Amsoil Technical Director

The Studies Behind Fuel Economy

The important inputs for fuel economy are the number of miles traveled and the amount of fuel used. One common method is to record how many miles you drove between fill ups. If you record the amount of fuel you put in the vehicle when you fill up and the amount of miles driven since the last fill up, you get a rough idea of fuel economy by dividing the trip miles by the gallons pumped into the tank

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Amsoil Not Sold On Ebay

Why Amsoil Dealers can’t Sell on eBay, Amazon or Craig’s List

Why Amsoil Dealers can’t Sell on eBay, Amazon or Craig’s List – Putting an auction on eBay or a different auction website is comparable to a national ad that lists cost. Amsoil does not let Dealers to set costs in virtually any national ads, to avoid exactly the same value war situation. Only retail-on-the-shelf accounts are permitted to put prices within their ads, but since they cannot receive discounts or commissions which help reduce their purchasing costs, they’re naturally made to establish prices higher in relation to the wholesale cost (normally at recommended retail prices or higher when using cargo into consideration). Amsoil also doesn’t permit retail-on-the-shelf accounts to publish prices or market products online.

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Amsoil sales manager Steve Le Page

Benefits of Amsoil 2-Stroke Motor Oils

AMSOIL has always delivered the highest performing products to consumers who demand quality and performance in the lubricants for their engines and here are some of the benefits of Amsoil 2-Stroke Motor Oils. AMSOIL Dealers should always look first to promote and sell the best performing and highest quality products for the appropriate markets.

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