Order Amsoil Products by Phone

Order by Phone

Effective Monday, June 1, curbside pickup of AMSOIL products is available at all AMSOIL distribution centers. To arrange for pickup, you must follow these steps:

  1. To avoid potential processing delays, place your order in advance through AMSOIL Customer Service at 1-800-777-7094.
  2. When operator asks please give referral number: 1254295 (Can't make order without it).
  3. Pay for your order by credit card (no checks will be accepted).
  4. Schedule your pickup in advance by calling your local distribution center.

Note: These procedures do not apply to the Carlile Distribution Center in Anchorage, Alaska. Those orders may be picked up as usual.

Use Customer Number # 1254295
(Customer ZO# 1254295 is required to place an order)

Amsoil Secure Online Store

Canadian Customers Please Note:

  • Online Prices are in US Dollars until you enter Canadian shipping address during check out.
  • Or you may go directly to the Amsoil Canadian Website here.
  • Canadian orders are shipped out of Canadian Distribution Centers.
  • No import duty, delays or excessive shipping charges.
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