Filter Tack Oil
I have been an AMSOIL Dealer for a few years now. I started out when I raced stock cars, and now it has moved on to the motocross track where my son races. I have always talked about the products and pushed them as being the best for my race car and now for my son’s dirt bikes. I have focused on the powersports industry as my niche, so I have always told the guys out there that we have products for every application. Last year, I was at our camper servicing my son’s bike before one of the races when another dad came over and noticed I was using another brand of oil (Bel-Ray filter tack oil). I felt a little embarrassed and told him that this was one product that AMSOIL doesn’t make. So now I ask the question WHY? MX riders use this stuff on a daily basis, and I use the stuff on a daily basis. I would like to know if this product has been discussed in the past, or if it is in the works. If it’s not, then I think it should be. As a sponsor of Supercross, Arenacross and GNCC, I would think this would be a great product to complement your powersports line-up.

Steve Sendziak

AMSOIL: AMSOIL offered High Tack Foam Filter Oil with the former AMSOIL 2-Stage Air Filters, which made use of oil-wetted foam to trap contaminants. However, the upgrade to AMSOIL Ea® Air Filters in 2005 eliminated the need for this product. AMSOIL later offered Twin Air tack oil when it carried Twin Air products, but slow sales forced AMSOIL to discontinue its Twin Air product offering. AMSOIL will take your suggestion under advisement and continue to monitor the market to determine potential demand for a similar product.

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Installer Locator
I would like to see a change in the rules so that small installers can stay in the locator. Small shops, like motorcycle shops, will have slow seasons during the winter. Because they don’t order regularly, they will fall off the locator for lack of orders. In areas like Northern California, there are often long distances between shops. It seems to me that it would be in the company’s best interests to have many installers available. Most Dealers will receive product within two or three regular business days. Therefore, any of them can get product to a potential new customer within a few days. I would like to see installers remain in the locator for an extended period of time. For example, they could follow the same rules as an active/ inactive account. This could serve more than one purpose. Potential customers could find more possibilities to buy AMSOIL near where they live. Installers might find more business driven towards their shop and be therefore encouraged to sell more AMSOIL.

Paul Miller

AMSOIL: Thank you for your feedback. AMSOIL is currently reviewing the minimum purchase threshold for installers, and working to identify different types of installers, to determine whether to set different purchase requirements for different types of accounts (such as motorcycle shops.

Small Engines
I have several customers (including myself) who are interested in the suitability of AMSOIL products in air-cooled engine applications, specifically gasoline-powered, air-cooled lawn tractors/mowers calling for the equipment manufacturer’s brand of 10W-30 oil and natural gas- (or propane/ butane) powered, air-cooled emergency generators that also call for the manufacturer’s brand of 10W-30. It seems to me that AMSOIL would provide superior protection for these applications. Am I correct?

Thank you,
Mervyn J. Burns

AMSOIL: Yes, you are correct. Formula 4-Stroke® Synthetic Small Engine Oil is the primary recommendation for most of these applications, but be sure to check the owner’s manual for the recommended oil specifications.

Scooter Oil
I know AMSOIL makes an oil specifically for four-stroke scooter engines. I have noticed there are some scooters out there with two-stroke engines. They appear to be made somewhere in Eastern Europe. Does AMSOIL plan to develop an oil for these two-stroke scooter engines, or does AMSOIL recommend any of its other two-stroke oils for these engines?

Nathan Rice

AMSOIL: INTERCEPTOR® Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil provides outstanding protection and performance in direct-injected two-stroke scooter applications, while Saber® Professional is outstanding for pre-mix applications.

March Tech Talk Feedback
The “Tech Talk” column in the March AMSOIL Magazine provided great advice on checking your oil often; I, too, need to remind my XL/Signature Series customers about this. There is one more thing I mention to them regarding the oil life monitoring system: it doesn’t “know” you’ve put AMSOIL extended-drain oil in the engine. It is a basic algorithm that measures RPMs and temperature variations. I tell my customers to simply go by the miles or date on their AMSOIL window sticker, and when the OLMS light comes on, to go in their owner’s manual and follow the simple step to reset the system to “zero” or “100%.” Keep the great articles coming!

Andy and Magdalena Gomez

AMSOIL: Thank you for the great feedback and advice, Andy and Magdalena.

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