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It is understandable that much of the Amsoil advertising and marketing emphasis is placed on cold-weather benefits since so much of your activity is in the northern climates. However, it is very evident that most of the products offer great benefits in the warm climate stretching from Arizona to Florida, with some notation of engines running cooler because of less friction. I think it would be a great selling tool if the advertising and the brochures, etc. placed more emphasis on this aspect of the products. it just might help us move more product here in the south where 100- plus degree days are common.

Thanks for your help.

Alfred H. Elmore

Amsoil: Thank you for your feedback. It will be taken under advisement as marketing materials go through the review process. Although Amsoil places significant emphasis on the cold-temperature benefits of Amsoil products, the warm-temperature benefits are also touted. In most cases, Amsoil marketing materials promote the “extreme-temperature” benefits of Amsoil products, covering both hot and cold tem- perature extremes. A field study covering the warm-temperature benefits of Amsoil products is currently in development.

2003 Ford 6.0L Diesel Injectors

I understand that Ford has had issues with injectors in its 6.0L diesel engines from the start. I have a customer using Amsoil 15W-40 synthetic heavy Duty Diesel and marine oil (AME) who is replacing fuel injectors because some type of build-up is causing them to stick. the Ford dealers are telling customers not to use extended oil change products because they leave a residue that causes the sticking injectors. Could Amsoil provide any technical publication or personal information for dealing with the above issue?

John Vaughn

Amsoil: The 2003 Ford 6.0L is equipped with Hydraulic Electric Unit Injectors (HEUI) that operate off engine oil pressure. The oil’s ability to withstand degradation and oxidation is vital in their operation. Prior use of a lower-quality oil may have contributed to deposit build-up. Low-quality oils have a higher chance of oxidizing and forming deposits; Amsoil synthetic diesel oils are formulated with superior detergent and dispersant additives to control deposit formation and keep injectors clean.

Amsoil Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine Oil has demonstrated exceptional performance over extended drain intervals for many years in the 2003 Ford 6.0L. Ex- tended intervals are recommended as long as the vehicle is mechanically sound and follows Amsoil guidelines for extended drain intervals.

Diesel fuel is another likely source of the injector deposits. The location of the injec- tors in the combustion chamber makes them susceptible to deposits forming on the nozzle. Amsoil Diesel Concentrate (ADF) is formulated to clean injectors and reduce the formation of deposits.

Canadian Pricing

I don’t understand why Canadian pricing is not in line with the value of the dollar. Every time I show customers the price list, the first thing out of their mouths is, “Why is u.s. pricing cheaper than Canadian pricing? Don’t they know our dollar is worth more than theirs?” it truly turns people off. Please explain.

Jon Bonswa

Amsoil: As a U.S. company, Amsoil must comply with a number of Canadian rules and regulations and labeling, inventory, transportation, exchange rate fluctuations and other costs that drive up the cost of doing business across the border. Although Amsoil makes great efforts to minimize the higher prices, these additional costs must be addressed through product pricing. Amsoil works to keep pricing as stable as possible in Canada despite these issues.

Amsoil calendar I just received 115 new 2013 Amsoil calendars for distribution. First, let me say, the graphics are great. I would have liked to see an accessory/additives page, but there are only so many pages available. But mostly, I wish to say thank you for keeping the Amsoil calendar product-oriented and not full of “girlie” pictures like some calendars. I work the Amsoil business as a family business with my wife as my executive partner and co-owner.

The only thing I would like to see changed next year is calendar size. in the past, the calendar fit nicely into a 9x12 manila envelope with room to close the metal snap. the past two years the calendar has been slightly too large. This makes sealing the envelope diffi- cult. the next envelope size is heavier and too large, such that the calendar slides around. Can this be corrected next year?

Again, great job.

Joe Davis

Amsoil: Thank you for your comments. The calendar was made slightly larger for appearance purposes and to allow more space for daily notes. It also represents a more standard calendar size. They fit nicely in 9x12 envelopes that use adhesive instead of metal clasps, including the Amsoil 9x12 Dealer Envelopes (G2608).

Super Team Transporter

For the past two years one of my retail accounts has expressed an interest in acquiring an 18-wheeler truck (toy) with an Amsoil logo to display in her store. I mentioned she could display the Amsoil insignia on any toy, but she insisted the toy come directly from Amsoil.

If at all possible, would you be able to ask the many Amsoil Dealers who receive the Amsoil Magazine if they would like to relinquish their 18-wheeler truck (toy) that was available from Amsoil at least five years ago and sell it to me?

Thanks for whatever you can do.

Felicity Freese

Amsoil: The Amsoil Super Team Transporter (G2216) was a 1:32 scale replica of Amsoil off-road truck racer Dan Vanden Heuvel’s transport rig. Any Dealer interested in selling one may contact letters@Amsoil.com.

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