Letters to the Editor January 2014

Prospect Database
My wife and I do a lot of trade shows, car shows, swap meets, etc. Recently, I talked to a gentleman about setting up a commercial account for his business (about 35 trucks). We talked for about an hour, and he was very interested. He was ready to sign up, but received an emergency call regarding his business and had to leave. I gave him my info and said I would call him Monday. My problem is, sometime after he left and before I called, he went online somewhere other than my website and got hooked up with someone else. By Monday, he was a protected account. This has happened to us before; we sow the seed, but someone else reaps the harvest.

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What we as Dealers need is a database where we can enter the prospect’s info, and it is protected for at least 45 days, much like a T-1 lead. If something like this existed, we would have done this at the end of the day, when we registered the Preferred Customers and Dealers we signed up that day.

Thank you,
Dale C Green

Leads are not considered protected, although AMSOIL will not refer other Dealers to previously assigned T-1 leads. They are free to contact and work with other Dealers, and do not gain protected status until they purchase products or register as Dealers, Preferred Customers or accounts. This is not likely to change in the future. In fact, when prospects are really interested in AMSOIL products or marketing programs it’s not unusual for them to contact multiple Dealers to validate recommendations, prices, services and program options to determine who they like best. While this particular situation didn’t work out in your favor, you should not be discouraged. Many customers you have met at public events may have initially learned about AMSOIL products from other Dealers, retail accounts, sponsored racers or satisfied customers. They likely had the opportunity to work with other Dealers, but they chose you. All Dealers win and lose some prospects. The key to success isn’t protection, but offering a higher level of professional service so customers want to work with you compared to the other available options.

Retail Catalog
I have a little problem with the updating of the Retail Catalog (G100); when a new catalog comes about, I order some, then the next thing I know they are obsolete. this is not financially advantageous, and it would be nice if there was a way of returning the obsolete catalogs to obtain a discount on the new catalogs. Mind you that the price of the catalogs is not out of line, but any cost savings is cost savings.

Robert F McGlynn Jr.

AMSOIL would not be able to offer this service while maintaining current catalog prices. Keep in mind that new catalogs are released every April and October and are available individually and in packages of 100 and 300. Our best advice is to plan accordingly. In addition, unless product prices change, older catalogs are generally still usable.

Mixing Guidelines
I recently acquired a new customer who asked a question I couldn’t answer. He is now using Premium Protection 10W- 40 Synthetic Motor Oil (AMO) in an older vehicle and Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil (ASL) in a newer car. I told him how if he ever topped off either engine with a conventional oil, the oil and filter should be changed ASAP. That prompted him to ask what would happen if he ever topped off either engine with the wrong viscosity AMSOIL synthetic motor oil. (He is like me – getting old and forgetful.) Anyway, logic told me there would only be a slight oil viscosity change; that he’d still be using the best oil and filter available. But I only told him I’d look into the situation.

Steve Hart

There is no need to worry about a single random mistake topping off (less than one quart) either vehicle with the wrong viscosity oil. There is no need to change the oil and filter, and you do not have to worry about affecting the drain interval. Premium Protection 10W-40 contains an additive (ZDDP) at a level above the maximum allowed by the current API SN motor oil specification. Over extended periods of time, excessive amounts of phosphorus (a component of ZDDP) can reduce the effectiveness of the catalyst surface in the catalytic converter (found in newer vehicles), making it less effective. However, this process happens over a long period and there is no need to worry about a one-time mistake of topping off with the wrong oil. If you top off with a conventional motor oil, you cannot extend the drain interval per AMSOIL recommendations. Instead, change both the oil and filter at the manufacturers’ recommended change intervals.

European Vehicle Brochure/Retail Account Incentives
There are a lot of European cars out there, but customers are hard to approach as they do not know that AMSOIL offers three lubricants for their needs. It would be nice to have a tri-fold brochure (100 packs) on just the European cars to help with these potential customers.

On another note, did you ever consider having a one-time banner/sales literature giveaway for new motorcycle/boat retail accounts, similar to what is offered to car garages on a minimum of five cases ordered.

Bruce Low

Thank you for your suggestions.

A new European vehicles handout is now available in the AMSOIL Print Center (click the Print Center icon in the Dealer Zone). An increasing number of Dealers have suggested replicating the current banner kit program for the motorcycle market, and we have been discussing the best way to approach this. The idea of developing a program for the marine market is in the research and discussion phase as well.

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