2013 Dodge Ram Oil Change Recommendations

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I am wondering what Amsoil will do to address the new 15,000-mile drain interval suggested with the 2013 Dodge Ram with the 6.7L Cummins engine. Since the 6.7L engine was introduced in 2007 with the DPF and regeneration system, Amsoil has dropped the 3X OEM drain interval recommendation on its Premium Synthetic Diesel Oil. With the new OEM drain interval now set for 15,000 miles on the 2013 model Cummins-equipped trucks using conventional oil, I would think Amsoil Premium Synthetic Diesel Oil could revert back to the 3X drain interval.

Wayne Owen

Amsoil: Amsoil supports the OEM - recommended 15,000-mile drain interval in 2013 Dodge Ram applications. Dodge redesigned the emissions strategy of its 2013 6.7L Cummins engine with the introduction of the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system, an improved exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system with a larger heat exchanger and improved air induction system. The diesel particulate filter (DPF) and its regeneration strategy, however, have not changed; in-cylinder regeneration pushes fuel on the exhaust stroke. Although the reduced frequency of DPF regeneration may decrease the fuel dilution issue, Amsoil believes the risk is still there and does not recommend extended drain intervals beyond 15,000 miles without appropriate oil analysis. Amsoil OE Synthetic Diesel Oil presents an excellent lower-cost option in these applications.

The 2013 Ford diesel follows the same regeneration strategy, and extended drain intervals are not recommended without oil analysis. However, because the 2012-2013 Chevy/GMC diesel eliminates the fuel dilution issue by incorporating a ninth injector upstream of the DPF, Amsoil recommends Premium Synthetic Diesel Oil (DEO, DME) for extended drain intervals of up to three times the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recommendation, not to exceed 50,000 miles/600 hours/one year, whichever comes first.

Website Update

I like the updates to the website while using a laptop, but since the updates I am no longer able to enter orders from my smartphone. Ninety percent of my Internet access/usage is on my mobile. One of the problems might be from how a new page is opened when clicking on a link. I also would like to see a couple more options for Buell clothing.

Kyle Schliem

Amsoil: The new Amsoil website was developed to support mobile web traffic and shopping from the most commonly used technology platforms, including iOS (Apple), Android and Windows Phone. Extensive testing with a wide variety of devices running new technologies is performed each month, and Amsoil continually works to adapt its technology. Downloading an alternate browser can often provide a temporary alternative should problems arise with your primary browser.

Amsoil encourages you to attempt ordering with your device again, and if you encounter difficulties contact webadmin@Amsoil.com with more details about your device, operating system and specific point of failure. The EZ Online Order Forms in the Dealer Zone can also be used to place orders through a mobile device.

Your suggestion for more Buell clothing will be taken under advisement.

Large Retail Accounts

I’m not pleased that you have decided to start retailing Amsoil products through Blain’s Farm & Fleet and Mills Fleet Farm. They are able to offer the product off the shelf at a lower price than what I can order it for if tax and shipping are included. I thought Amsoil was about the individual Dealer; thanks for selling out individual Dealers to your increased corporate profits. At this point I am considering allowing my Dealership to expire. I know this won’t get published in the monthly magazine as it isn’t complimentary of corporate policy. How soon will you be publishing these mass market retailers in your monthly sales leaders pages?

Jason Brownrigg

Amsoil: Mills Fleet Farm was grandfathered in as an Amsoil retail account since it was in place before the 12-store policy was adopted. It is a retail account established by an Amsoil Dealer who earns commissions on that account, and it does not receive special pricing or privileges outside of any other retail account. Mills Fleet Farm has been an account for several years, and while it occasionally discounts products for sale, the disruption and competition have been minimal. It offers a limited selection of Amsoil products, and its advertising supports the Amsoil brand and Dealers as a whole.

Amsoil recognized that large retailers could be a problem for Amsoil Dealers. In response and strictly for Amsoil Dealer protection, Amsoil instituted a 12-store policy. Since that time, Amsoil has been approached by many major retailers, including Walmart, and Amsoil has declined all offers for distribution. Amsoil remains committed to supporting the independent Dealer opportunity as demonstrated by our actions.

Blain’s Farm & Fleet stores started selling Amsoil products after the 12-store policy was revised. Blain’s stores are registered as individual accounts, place individual orders, have products delivered to individual stores, do not use centralized distribution and comply with other conditions of the 12-store policies, so they have little competitive advantage over other retail accounts or Dealers.

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