July 23, 2013

Multi Level Marketing

Amsoil Executives Alan and A.J. Amatuzio plus Dean Alexander

Amsoil Executives Alan and A.J. Amatuzio plus Dean AlexanderAmatuzio Alexander

Many Vendors and Preferred Customers may not know that when I first tried to bring the sector's first synthetic motor oil to market, I took the normal distribution approach. I had some success in finding the merchandise on store shelves, but the Amsoil brand wasn't known, consumers didn't understand the benefits, and due to the higher price, it didn't sell well. It became clear early on that I needed to correct my course.

In 1973 I made the move into a direct sales distribution model. Amsoil Dealers could now match face-to-face with consumers, take the time to clarify the benefits and convey the value the merchandise delivered. Sales took off as well as the future appeared bright.

Beyond the hurdle we encountered from being the only synthetic oil in a classic motor oil world and also the obstacle we faced with our 25,000-mile oil drain recommendation in an industry controlled by 3,000 mile oil change mindset, was the negativity that crept into the multi-level-marketing industry.

Unscrupulous companies had penetrated the business with their get-rich-quick schemes. These fly-by-nighters took advantage of well-meaning persons and in all cases cast a dark shadow on valid MLM companies. And we did. People recognized the Amsoil business opportunity for what it was – an opportunity, through a dedicated effort, to develop sound incomes and safe futures. Marketing has now vanished, a remnant remains – even though the majority of the negativity associated with multilevel.

Our 40 year track record speaks for itself. Amsoil is actually exceptional within the chance we supply. It all starts with merchandise. Their businesses have been worked by our Dealers, from the very beginning, from a place of strength. No one in this business can challenge that Amsoil products produce as advertised. Customers agree.

Those Favored Customers, in particular, who've considered beginning an Amsoil business needs to be mindful that the plans Amsoil offers its Merchants also set us apart. Many Merchants start by promoting the products straight to consumers through the Private Retail Program. Quite often, this occurs after experiencing the product advantages for themselves. Some Dealers are content to restrict their action to this one-on-one sales strategy. While getting some additional income, they benefit from wholesale pricing.

As Dealers construct their customer bases and gain experience plus knowledge, many start to get additional customers throughout the Catalog Program. These clients are generally not found close to the Dealer and order merchandise directly from Amsoil. Amsoil ships the merchandise towards the client, as well as the Dealer gets the profits and fees.

The Application is made for Dealers who've obtained a higher amount of technical expertise and product information. Commercial sales are made to all those customers using these products in their gear.

Other Dealers are attracted to the Retailing on the Shelf Program. This program provides the chance to Dealers to bring in income within the standard retail marketplace. Dealers work with installers, shops and all kinds of retail outlets that sell products for their clients. When many Dealers have acquired skill in working all of the plans, the most successful Dealers are almost always diligent in their exertions to sponsor others.

This provides opportunity and providing support and assistance that the biggest, most prosperous and most protected Dealerships are assembled. Sponsoring always will be, and is, the basis of an Amsoil business. Amsoil made the shift to multi-level marketing in 1973.

3 comments on “Multi Level Marketing”

  1. Remember MLM is in no way related to pyramid schemes. MLM is just a way companies pay individuals for selling their products. When you are involved in a pyramid scheme no product changes hands. You are just recruiting people beneath you in hoping they give you money on faith without any product changing hands whatsoever.

  2. MLM is the reason I’ve remained a Preferred Customer since 1990 instead of a Dealer. I consider MLM unethical and it really tarnishes Amsoil’s reputation, in my opinion.

  3. That’s fine but nobody is scamming anybody. Network marketing is just capitalism where the harder you work the more you make. When people scam then their business dies.

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