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Hello world!

Welcome to Amsoil Dealer John Cardell. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! read more ❯
Hello world!
Published 5/26/2018 in Amsoil Synthetic Oil

Welcome to Amsoil Dealer John Cardell. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! read more ❯
Piggyback Advertising’ Creates Valuable AMSOIL Exposure
Published 1/6/2014 in Amsoil Dealer John Cardell

Amsoil Piggy Back Advertizing

Through sponsorship of successful race teams and series, as well as its extensive advertising efforts, AMSOIL has successfully increased brand awareness and helped Dealers promote their businesses and increase salesread more ❯
Letters - March 2013
Published 9/24/2013 in Amsoil Dealer John Cardell

Amsoil Letters to the Editor

A letter in the December 2012 Amsoil Magazine brought up a great question about Motorcycle Octane Boost. However, your answer creates some confusion as to application of the product. When you say it is for use in motorcycles, but Dominator® Octane Boost is the recommendation for the other off-road applications, are you recommending Motorcycle Octane Boost only for street-driven motorcycles or for all motorcycles? Should we be recommending Dominator® for use in off-road motorcycles?read more ❯
The Studies Behind Fuel Economy
Published 1/15/2014 in Amsoil Dealer John Cardell

Dan Peterson Amsoil Technical Director

The important inputs for fuel economy are the number of miles traveled and the amount of fuel used. One common method is to record how many miles you drove between fill ups. If you record the amount of fuel you put in the vehicle when you fill up and the amount of miles driven since the last fill up, you get a rough idea of fuel economy by dividing the trip miles by the gallons pumped into the tankread more ❯
Amsoil Marketing
Published 10/24/2013 in Amsoil Dealer John Cardell

Amsoil Marketing

The Amsoil marketing the machine never comes to a full stop, and keeping the Amsoil message fresh is a never ending project. Last winter Amsoil invited off-road truck racer Scott Douglas, snocross team owner Steve Scheuring and Erik Buell Racing founder Erik Buell to Superior, Wis. for three days of commercial and video more ❯
GNCC rider Josh Strang joins Team Amsoil
Published 10/24/2013 in Amsoil Dealer John Cardell

Amsoil Racer Josh Strang

Josh Strang understands the way to win an Amsoil GNCC title, and as he attempts to win the 2013 tournament the 2010 XC1 motorcycle winner will receive a boost from Amsoil. The native Australian returns from a serious leg injury in 2012 as the latest member of Team Amsoil, and also the former champion is inspired by his comeback more ❯
Natural Gas is an up-and-coming Alternative to Gasoline and Diesel
Published 9/10/2013 in Amsoil Dealer John Cardell

Mark Nyholm

Although natural-gas vehicles presently represent a small percentage of the total vehicle marketplace, constant growth over the next decade is anticipated. A report from Pike Research (a research and consulting firm concentrating on clean technologies markets) predicts world-wide revenue of naturalgas trucks to grow at a compound annual growth rate (assuming a steady rateread more ❯
Benefits of Amsoil 2-Stroke Motor Oils
Published 10/16/2013 in Amsoil Dealer John Cardell

Amsoil sales manager Steve Le Page

AMSOIL has always delivered the highest performing products to consumers who demand quality and performance in the lubricants for their engines and here are some of the benefits of Amsoil 2-Stroke Motor Oils. AMSOIL Dealers should always look first to promote and sell the best performing and highest quality products for the appropriate more ❯
Should You Use Diesel Competition Oil?
Published 5/1/2018 in Amsoil Dealer John Cardell

Amsoil Competition Diesel Oil

In the U.S. alone there are more than 400 different events that typically start the first week of April and carry us through October. So, whether you’re wrapped up in your own build, or just like watching others battle it out, there are plenty of more ❯
Why Amsoil Dealers can't Sell on eBay, Amazon or Craig's List
Published 10/21/2013 in Amsoil Dealer John Cardell

Amsoil Not Sold On Ebay

Why Amsoil Dealers can't Sell on eBay, Amazon or Craig's List - Putting an auction on eBay or a different auction website is comparable to a national ad that lists cost. Amsoil does not let Dealers to set costs in virtually any national ads, to avoid exactly the same value war situation. Only retail-on-the-shelf accounts are permitted to put prices within their ads, but since they cannot receive discounts or commissions which help reduce their purchasing costs, they're naturally made to establish prices higher in relation to the wholesale cost (normally at recommended retail prices or higher when using cargo into consideration). Amsoil also doesn't permit retail-on-the-shelf accounts to publish prices or market products more ❯ - An Industry Game-Changer
Published 10/24/2013 in Amsoil Dealer John Cardell


Historically, promoters have secured time with major networks or cable stations to air race programming. Over the past several years of generating content for cable stations including NBC Sports Community, which still airs 15 months of AMSOIL GNCC and Mtn. Dew ATV Motocross National Championship (ATV MX) actions, MX Sports kept an eye to the increase of online broadcasts, especially on sites like ESPN and more ❯
Letters to the Editor January 2014
Published 1/14/2014 in Amsoil Dealer John Cardell

Amsoil Letters to the Editor

My wife and I do a lot of trade shows, car shows, swap meets, etc. Recently, I talked to a gentleman about setting up a commercial account for his business (about 35 trucks).read more ❯
Three Industry Innovators (Amsoil Racing Legends) Discuss their Relationship with Amsoil - Part 1
Published 9/11/2013 in Amsoil Dealer John Cardell

Amsoil Racing Legends Scheuring, Buell, Douglas

Part 1: Research through racing is a vital component in AMSOIL product development and validation. AMSOIL synthetic lubricant technology is fine-tuned in the vehicles of corporately sponsored racers Scott Douglas, Erik Buell, Steve Scheuring and others, developing into superior performance and protection for all AMSOIL more ❯
Director of Amsoil Dealer Sales Rob Stenberg
Published 9/10/2013 in Amsoil Dealer John Cardell

Amsoil Executives Alan and A.J. Amatuzio plus Dean Alexander

Director of Dealer Sales Rob Stenberg lately coordinated a sales training seminar for about 25 Amsoil workers that are in one manner or another involved in marketing and sales. He introduced in a nationally celebrated sales training professional who focuses on storytelling as a crucial element of the sales process. I'm not going to go into details on this, other than to state that the Amsoil narrative is tailormade for this strategy. You'll be learning more about more ❯